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Mouse Pads y Wrist Pads

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  • soft cloth surface
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  • Gaming
  • RGB hard mouse pad with wireless charger
  • Material: Surface: Plastic and acrylic sheet rubber
  • Base: Natural Rubber
  • Color: Black with RGB LED lights
  • Product size (in): 13.8x10.1x0.2
  • Lighting effects: Solid colors: red, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow and white Breathing light pattern Running light pattern -Wireless charging time: 3-4 hrs with a 9W power supply *Depending on the phone brand
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  • Gaming
  • Color gaming printed design
  • Frictionless cloth surface designed to glide your mouse with high precision and speed
  • Slip-resistant, rubberized base keeps the pad securely in place
  • Stitched edges to prevent fraying
  • Product type: Soft printed mouse pad
  • Material: Surface: 100% polyester fabric Base: Natural rubber
  • Color: Xtech gaming design
  • Dimensions: 11.3x10x0.07inches
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