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ZeroSpam + Office 365

This is a complete, highly accurate cloud email security solution that protects your clients from all email-borne threats, including ransomware, viruses and all forms of malware in one simple product, without requiring the purchase of add-on modules.


Since its launch, Office 365 has proven to be a quick and easy way for organizations to migrate their email to the cloud. Using a professional email security solution on top of EOP (Exchange Online Protection) provides and additional layer of protection against today’s advanced threats.

Benefits of using a cloud email security solution

Cloud antispam solutions deliver many tangible benefits over appliance-based solutions.
These can be classified in 2 categories:

Resource savings

  • No up-front purchase and no hot replacement fees
  • OPEX instead of CAPEX
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Significant bandwidth savings
  • Increased email server efficiency
  • Email without the headaches

Improved security

  • Unparalleled service availability
  • Incoming email is safe, even if disaster strikes
  • Email attacks won’t impact email delivery
  • Network perimeter protection
  • Incoming messages can be restricted to a single trusted source

With this solution builds a solid wall of defense against all email-borne threats while using none of your internal resources so you can concentrate on your business.



Solid Wall of Defense

Saves Internal Resources

No Abrupt Halt

Protection from your User

Minimal Management Time

Complete protection

Agile, Service Oriented Supplier

The benefits of adding a professional cloud anti-spam to Office 365

ZEROSPAM + Office 365